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Parent Testimonials

"Both of my kids attended the Co-op for 2 years before starting school in our district, and the Co-op gave them such a great foundation, they had already mastered many 4K and even 5K concepts! The teachers and aides are phenomenal and truly care about each Child. I loved that there is such a small teacher to student ratio, and I absolutely loved the structure of a Co-op and getting to be so involved at the school as a parent. It gave me my first taste of volunteering in a school, and led me to be involved in the Board of Directors, where I made great connections and life long friends. So many families I met while volunteering at the Co-op are now very involved at their schools in the school district - it is such a special place with such special families. What can I say, I love the Co-op, and greatly miss being there!"


"Both my kiddos attended the Coop for their first school experiences for 3K. It was such a positive, nurturing, laid back environment that they both thrived on. As a parent, I felt so welcomed in the classroom and really enjoyed my involvement at the school. They really fostered a healthy atmosphere for our whole family. So thankful for our time at the Coop!"

"My daughter attended 3K at the Co-Op, and it was such an amazing experience for her. She learned so much, made new friends, and learned to follow classroom routines with ease. Her teacher was born to be a preschool teacher, and we feel so very blessed to have had our daughter in her class. Thank you so much to everyone who makes the Menomonee Falls Preschool Co-Op a success!!!"

"My twins attended the Menomonee Falls Co-op for a year before attending the school district 4K program. We were thrilled with their experience at the Co-op! The teachers are outstanding, the curriculum is engaging and developmentally appropriate and the entire environment is warm and inviting. As a kindergarten teacher myself, I recognized and appreciated the high-quality program offered by the Co-op. We could not have gotten a better preschool experience elsewhere!"

"Little ones starting school need a positive environment which the Menomonee Falls co-op provides. I don't know of any other settings where in 3K and 4K you will have 3 adults to 14 students. A teacher, an aide and a parent helper are with the children every day. Every parent gets to help in the classroom 2-3 times per year to see how their own child is succeeding. For those children who weren't quite ready for the 5 days a week 4K this is a great start with 3K going 2 days and 4K attending 4 days. My 14 year old attended and was well prepared and my 3 year old is so excited to start 4K in the fall!"

"The teachers are fantastic! The materials and support they are providing (during school closure) is above any expectation or imagination! It’s truly remarkable and a testament to their calling - they are so skilled! We’re so sad our daughter will be entering her school district program next year but can’t wait for our 2 littles to attend when it’s time!"

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